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All About Swing
Any Swing Goes
Arizona Lindy Hop Society
Arizona Swing Network
Atlanta Dance World
Austin Swing Syndicate 
Avalon Dance, Baltimore
Barkcloth Hawaii-vintage fabric
Basie's Bunch
Belfast Swing - Northern.Ireland
Bill Borgida's Page- Ithaca NY
Bo Lewis Big Band Dance Party
Boogie-Baeren  Germany
Boston Swing Dance Network
Dance New Orleans
Edinburgh Swing Dance Society
Enjoy Lindy- France
Feet with Heat- New Zealand
Four on the floor Austin TX
Genova Italy Swing Monsters
Gorgeous Rock'n'Roll Gear
Hepcat Productions Seattle
Herrang Dance Camp (Sweden)
Hop to the Beat Dance Studio
Houston Swing Dance Society
Houston Swing Out
How 2 Dance
Island Rockers - Tasmania,AU
Ithaca Swing Dance Network
Jersey bOunce
Jill's Jive-Australia
Jitterbugs London
Jitterbugs Swingapore 
Jitterbuzz.com great site!
Jumpin' at the AachenSide (Ger.)
Knoxville Swing Dance Assn.
Lindy Hop Luzerne,Switzerland
Lindy Hop in Munich
Lismore Swing Connection(Australia)
Mixed Blood Entertainment, Toronto
Los Angeles Swing Times
Moscow Swing (Russia)
N2Swing Dance Club (Omaha)
New Jersey Swing
New England Swing Dance Server
New York Swing Dance Society
Northern Cal. Lindy Society
Omaha Swings
Parkers Place Swing Radio
Pasadena Ballroom Dance Assn
Philadelphia Swing Dance 
Raper's Dance Corner
Red Hot Swing - Victoria BC
Rock Dance Company - UK
Rhythm Hot Shots - Sweden
Saratoga Savoy NY
Saturday Swing Radio, Ithaca NY
Savoy Plaque Site
Savoy South St. Pete,FL
Savoy Swing Club Seattle
Shout-n-Feel It- Stockholm 
Smith Hooked on Swing
So Cal Lindy Society
SoCal Swing - Forum
Spank the Baby - Barcelona
Stepsontoes.com Oakland
Steven Mitchell and Virginie
Suncoast Swing Gang FL
SuburbanSwing VancoverBC
Swedish Swing Society
SwingBelfast.com (No. Ireland)
Swing.ch - Switzerland
Swing Crazy/Swing Out New York
Swing Dance Styles
Swing Inter.net London &UK
Swing My Way OR
Swing News - Tampa, FL
Swing Patrol - Australia
Swing & Rockabilly Slovenia
Swingdance Journal - Osaka JP
SwingTalk- SF Bay Area
Swingin' Montreal
Swinging Air Force
SwingOUT! (queerswing.com)
Syracuse Swing Dance Society
Tampa Bay Swing Gang
TC Swing - Twin Cities
Temptation to Tango (book)
Tickle Toe Hepcats-Switzerland
Tokyo Swing Dance Society
Toronto Swing Dance
What is Lindy Hop
What's Buzzin'- vintage cards etc.
World of Swing- Marcus and Barbl
YeahMan Dance Production 
YEHOODI- Great NYCsite!
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