BIG bands, hot dancers and the group that first made swing dance known worldwide, Whitey's Lindy Hoppers!

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The Big Bands and their Big Shows!
These are the Swing Era compilations where you can see
filmclips of the greatest Lindy Hoppers of all time dancing to the original Big Band Music.
More details on the films and
the dancers are available through links to other
pages of the Archives of Early Lindy Hop.
      At the Jazz Band Ball

    60 mins.Jazz shorts from 1925 to'33: In an historically important filmclip, "Shorty George" 
    Snowden does the first Lindy Hop on film, 1929.(see After Seben). In fact, the dance he named is still very close to the Charleston! Also, shorts of Duke Ellington, tap great Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Bessie Smith, Bix Beiderbecke......$19.95 


    Cab Calloway and his Orchestra, 1935-1947
     Very classy video by the multitalented--and still underrated-- bandleader and singer, also a great dancer and a great dresser. There is a snippet of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers (don't blink) from Manhattan Merry Go Round. You'll also see Cab and his friends doing the Shim Sham. Minnie the Moocher, HiDeHo...........$19.95 


    Duke Ellington and his Orchestra, 1929-1952 

    40 mins.Symphony in Black, an Art Deco masterpiece of powerful visual imagery, including the very rare footage of eccentric dancer Earl "Snake Hips" Tucker, the first glimpse of a young Billie Holiday singing the blues. See Whitey's Lindy Hoppers in Hot Chocolates ,their smash hit 1941soundie. Other Ellington greats: Black and Tan Fantasy, Sophisticated Lady, Caravan..$19.95


    Bessie Smith and Friends

    39minsIn addition to the only film of Bessie Smith, hear singing St. Louis Blues in a very sad film short, you also get to see the gorgeous Nina Mae McKinney, Eubie Blake and the sensational Nicholas Brothers, just kids,dancing in "Pie Pie Blackbird" (1932).Also "Boogie Woogie Dream" with Lena Horne, Teddy Wilson and band, Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson. .......$19.95

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    Harlem Harmonies, Vol.2

    30 mins.or more Amazing collection of dance and song Soundies! Whitey's Lindy Hoppers swing out with Duke Ellington in the hit Hot Chocolates. Cab Calloway's "Jive Talk Dictionary," Lena Horne,Fats Waller, Nat King Cole and Louis Jourdan.A hit music journey from ë41 to ë51.Swing segues into R&B . Dancing by the great Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, The Three Chefs. $19.95 


    Fats Waller and Friends, 1941-1946 

    29 mins. In addition to the great musical numbers, this video features some terrific hoofing, with Cook and Brown, Tip, Tap and Toe and The Three Chefs. Also, Mabel Lee, Dorothy Dandridge,Tiny Grimes. Fats' sings Aint Misbehavin' and HoneysuckleRose in his inimitable style of innuendo........$19.95

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    Music and Comedy Masters 2: Black Artists of the Silver Screen 

    75 mins. A great collection. In "Jitterin' Jitter-bugs" seeWhitey's Lindy Hoppers c. 1938.They do a Big Apple that is both earthy and exuberant, a rich and heady mix of jazz steps, Charlestons and Lindy Hop.They also do a staged dance contest with fantastic Lindy. Also Cab Calloway, Lionel Hampton, Bessie Smith, Nat King Cole, comedian Nipsy Russell.....$19.95


    Killer Diller
    80 mins.Killer Diller has the only film record of Frankie Manning's amazing Congaroo Dancers --they dance faster than the speed of sound! Hoofers Patterson and Jackson and the Clark Brothers. Also Nat King Cole, Moms Mabley,Andy Kirk and his Clouds of Joy, Butterfly McQueen in a 1948 re-creation of oldtime vaudeville...$19.95 


    Tom & Jerry: The Zoot Cat

    30mins. In a rare "talkie", the cartoon cat and mouse capture the language, dress and dance of  Hepcat culture. This adorable feature is a part of a collection of Tom & Jerry cartoons. .$19.95

    Swing, Swing, SwingSwing,Vol I  

    The beautiful jazz/art short "Jamming the Blues" with an interpretive Lindy plus Artie Shaw, 
    Jimmy Dorsey, Ozzie Nelson.......$19.95